Star Wars: Episode IX - Teaser Trailer Concept #1 (2019) "Remember" Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver Movie

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    It's coming.

    The next installment in the franchise.
    #StarWars Episode 9, in theaters December 2019.

    New CONCEPT teaser trailer for the upcoming and final film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Star Wars: Episode IX.

    Set to be directed by J.J.

    Abrams from a script by Abrams and Chris Terrio.

    The film, produced by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, is expected to see the return of many of the characters featured in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which Abrams also directed and co-wrote, and 2017's Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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    Are you guys excited for#StarWarsEpsiode9 !?

    In June 2014, Johnson was announced as writing a story treatment for Episode IX, but later stated he had not been involved with writing the film.

    In August 2015, Colin Trevorrow was announced as the director of Episode IX, and he, with Derek Connolly, began writing a script.

    In February 2016, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that pre-production of Episode IX had begun.

    In late December 2016, following the death of Carrie Fisher, media outlets reported that she had been slated for a key role in Episode IX.

    A few weeks later, Lucasfilm stated that they would not digitally recreate Fisher's performance for the film,and in April 2017, Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that Fisher will not be in Episode IX.

    In August, it was announced that Jack Thorne would write the script.

    In September 2017, Lucasfilm announced that Trevorrow had stepped down as director of the film, and a week later, it was announced that J.J.

    Abrams would return to direct Episode IX.

    Abrams co-write the script with Chris Terrio, in addition to producing the film through his company Bad Robot Productions, with Kennedy and Michelle Rejwan.

    The cast members currently confirmed to return are Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Daisy Ridley as Rey, John Boyega as Finn, and Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron.

    Principal photography is set to begin in July 2018.

    Originally, Disney had intended for the film to be released in December, as with the other sequel films The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but then chose a release date of May 24, 2019, a time frame more common to Star Wars releases prior to the Disney purchase.

    However, after Abrams took over the film from Trevorrow, the film's release date was moved back to the winter holiday season.

    The film is now scheduled to be released on December 20, 2019.

    On January 10, 2018, it was reported that John Williams will return to compose and conduct the music for Episode IX.

    The next month, Williams announced that Episode IX will be the last Star Wars film music he will be composing.

    On July 6, 2018, it was reported that Keri Russell is in early talks for a role in Episode IX.

    On July 9, 2018, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Billy Dee Williams was confirmed to reprise the role of Lando Calrissian.

    Ewan McGregor, who portrayed Obi-Wan in the three Star Wars prequels and supplied his voice as the character in 2015's The Force Awakens, said last year that he'd be open to returning to the role.

    The rumoured Obi-Wan project is speculated to arrive in 2020, following a December 2019 release for JJ Abrams's Star Wars: #EpisodeIX.


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    ✖ This is a Concept Trailer so YES, this video is "Fake" and "Not real".

    This was not made to fool or scam anyone, it is simply for fans to take a glimpse into what the movie could be like.

    ✖ Copyright Disclaimer: This video is protected under fair use, due to the fact that it demonstrates/conceptualizes a specific or non-existing film idea, and compiles clips from previously existing productions to create a creatively unique vision and give new meaning.

    The video displays visual commentary on how a film idea could look.

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